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NDC Internal Elections:We Are Ready To Choose Competent Leaders Not Group Of People – Bosomtwe Delegates Assures.

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The Delegates of NDC of Bosomtwe Constituency of the Ashanti Region have assures the people of Bosomtwe and Party members that,they will choose a competent executives for the Constituency to fight for NDC victory for coming 2024 General Elections but not a group of people.

They said, they will maintain Dickson Manu AKA Yaw Berima as the Constituency Chairman for his commitment,deligations being attending programs that concerns the party and not even the Constituency, Patrick Agambah as Constituency secretary, they also want Alhaji Ayuba Mohamed as vice chairman and Owusu Godfred Afoakwa as the next National Democratic Congress (NDC) Deputy Communication Officer for Bosomtwe Constituency.

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According to a survey that has been conducted in the Constituency particularly over 1000 delegates within the National Democratic Congress party in the Constituency and this is how it been arranged in order of the contestants.

The chairmanship position, the first person on the boilot paper, Bright Baisel AKA Yankey got 37 percent and Dickson Manu AKA Yaw Berima also got 63 percent .

Again, the people indicated that, they will still maintain Alhaji Ayuba Mohammed as the first vice Chairman about 82 percent and Agambah Patrick AKA Sir Jay as the secretary for Bosomtwe Constituency by 85 percent votes.

The deputy communication position, the first person on the boilot paper , Ofori Aseidu Mensah got 22 percent , the second person on the boilot paper, Kusi Emmanuel also got 43 percent and the third person on the boilot paper , Owusu Godfred Afoakwa also got 51 percent as at the survey for the moment .

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The People and NDC delegates at the Constituency explained to pressmen , they also choose Owusu Godfred Afoakwa over the others due to his dedication, commitment and how he was been communicate on radio and television shows, we see him as the person who can help in the deputy communication officer position and due to his good performance in the party activities, most of the regional and national executives in our beloved party NDC have also seen his work so we will also show him our appreciation in Bosomtwe Constituency and we think that, he will help the party to retrieve the power from propaganda NPP government.

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According to the survey the Women Organiser Position will also not be easy at all, the person who will win will not win huge margin and the Organiser position also not be easy at all.

These are the critical positions that it been surves initially so the aspirants should be very vigilant about the up coming election .


Obofuor Michael/Ashanti Region.

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