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Bridging the Gap: 60,000 Self-Employed Individuals Join SSNIT

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In a move aimed at bridging the gap between formal and informal sector workers, 60,000 self-employed individuals have recently joined the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) through the Self Employed Enrollment Drive (SEED) program.

This initiative, spearheaded by SSNIT, marks a significant step towards ensuring that all workers, regardless of their employment status, can enjoy the benefits of social security and insurance.

Mr. Michael Addo, Deputy Director overseeing Human Resource, Administration, and Finance at SSNIT, revealed this development during the observance of SSNIT Customer Appreciation Day, coinciding with Valentine’s Day, at Kumasi racecourse and Kejetia market.

The event served as a platform to encourage traders and self-employed individuals to enroll in the SEED program, emphasizing the importance of securing their future through regular contributions.

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The SEED program aims to enroll a total of 250,000 individuals from the informal sector into SSNIT, thereby expanding the coverage of social security benefits.

Mr. Addo highlighted the increasing pension payouts by SSNIT, amounting to 5.4 billion last year and projected to reach 7.4 billion this year.

He emphasized the need for self-employed individuals to also benefit from these payouts, underscoring their contributions to the economy.

Among those who have joined the SEED program is Mrs. Rhoda Opoku Yeboah, a cool store operator, who shared her positive experience and encouraged her colleagues to follow suit.

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Mrs. Yeboah emphasized the importance of planning for retirement and ensuring financial security during periods of incapacity or non-employment.

Her endorsement, along with other market women who have enrolled in SEED, serves as a testament to the program’s efficacy and the tangible benefits it offers to participants.

The decision to enroll in SSNIT through SEED represents a proactive approach by self-employed individuals to safeguard their future and that of their families.

By contributing to SSNIT, they not only secure their retirement but also gain access to various social security benefits, including disability and survivor’s benefits.

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Moreover, their participation strengthens the overall social security system, fostering inclusivity and resilience.

As more self-employed individuals recognize the value of social security and insurance, the SEED program is expected to witness further growth, ultimately benefiting both individuals and society as a whole.

Through collective efforts and collaboration between SSNIT and the informal sector, we can build a more robust and equitable social security framework, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of financial well-being and social protection.




Nana Yaw Owusu/Ashanti Region.

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