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I Discovered I was The Side Chic The Day I Told Him I Was Pregnant For Him

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I was nursing a broken heart when Uzo came along. The boyfriend I was dating for the past three years just walked out on me. He found another woman. He fell out of love with me so he could love another. It happened so sudden that it threw me off the emotional balance. I shelled myself in so the world could go on with its drama, without me.


My friends tried to pep me up to face the world again. I told them; “It’s not easy to be back on your feet again when someone you love walks away.” They insisted that I should come out of my shell and be the woman they once knew. I listened to them and started hanging out with them again.


It was one of those hangouts that I got to meet Uzo. He sat next to our table and watched as the party went on. My friends were having fan but I decided to be a wallflower. Then he said hello to me. I responded. It grew from hello to a full-blown conversation. He was witty and had a way of making you laugh without breaking a sweat. We spent our time at the party talking to each other and laughing about everything as though we’ve been friends like forever.


“I want to meet this guy again,” I said in my head. I really wanted to meet him again but I wasn’t going to ask for his number if he wasn’t going to ask for mine. When the party was over, my friends came to me. That was when he introduced himself to us as Uzo. “Uzo is short for Uzoha,” He said. We all took turns to introduce ourselves to him. He asked for my number and I gave it to him. I didn’t ask for his. I didn’t want my friends to start getting ideas.

We got home very late that night but I was expecting his call. He never called. He didn’t call the next day or the day after. “Get your hopes down, girl. He’s never going to call,” I said to myself. I stopped thinking about him and started thinking about the boy who left my heart in pieces. It was a very tough time for me trying to forget the three years I spent with that guy. I knew I had to forget but it wasn’t easy.

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I had a call one morning. It wasn’t from a number I had on my phone. I said hello. The voice from the other side, a male, responded; “Are you the woman who sells egg at the junction? My chicken just laid some eggs, I don’t like it so I want to sell them.” “Sorry, you got the wrong line,” I responded. Then he started laughing. He said; “This is Uzo and I’m sorry it took forever to call you.” I was thrilled, shocked, confused and…..and…..and…..

I only responded calmly; “Uzoha, how are you? I didn’t think you were going to call.” He said sorry and we got talking again. We spoke for about forty three minutes. Everything we said was vain and nothing specific.

From there, we started chatting and the weeks that followed were filled with chats and talks with Uzo. I got to know he was the marketing officer for one of the popular brands in Nigeria. He told me about his life and the places he’s been and where he wanted to take his life to. I also told him a lot about myself—my work, my life, my friends and what I wanted to do in future. Throughout our conversations, we didn’t talk about our relationships. It was an area we both avoided.

We became good friends and started visiting each other. We went out a lot and had a lot of fun at the places we visited. On every Friday after work, he’ll drive to my office and pick me up. Mostly he took me to my house or we ended up hanging out.

He proposed and I said yes.

Love was good between us. He lived alone so I spent most weekends with him. I lived alone too so he came around on some weekdays to spend the night.

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Eleven months into our relationship I got pregnant. I didn’t know whether or not to be happy, I didn’t know how to even break the news to him because I didn’t know how he was going to react to the news.

I called one of my girlfriends and told her I was pregnant. She was equally confused about what next to do. The question was; “Are you going to give birth though you are not married.” I knew I and Uzo were in a good financial situation so if nothing at all, we could work something out and get engaged before the pregnancy begins to show.

He came over one Saturday night and I told him I was pregnant. “Pregnant?” “Yeah, I’m pregnant. One and half months pregnant.” He went quiet for a moment and asked me; “So what do you suggest we do?” “You are the man. Come up with something and let’s work it out.” I suggested. I threw it back to him because I knew men want to be in charge. I wanted him to take charge of the situation and be a man.

He mumbled about how it has taken him by surprise and how it’s not good to have an unplanned child and asked me to give him some time to think about it. I agreed. The next morning, I woke up to a text message that said; “A child at this stage of our lives would complicate things. Why don’t we get rid of it and begin again? That way, we could plan our lives very well and know what to do and when to do it.” I texted back; “I’m not going to do that. We can continue from here instead of beginning again.”

He called trying to convince me to abort it. I insisted I wasn’t going to, even if I had to take care of the baby all by myself. We went back and forth in a heated argument until he dropped the line. A minute or so later, I had a WhatsApp message; “Sorry to tell you this. I’m married and have three kids with my wife. I don’t want another.” The message was followed by two of his wedding pictures and a picture of himself and a woman (wife) with a new baby in her arms.”

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All of a sudden it felt like I was having a heart attack. The sound of my heartbeat became louder and I started shaking. Everything around me faded into deep silence. I held onto my phone tightly and my mouth opened as though I was seeing a ghost on my phone. Then I managed to find my bed and sat down to dial my friend’s number. When she picked up I asked her to come over as soon as possible. I laid on my bed and hoped to die.

I’ve always considered ladies dating married men as stupid and evil but here I am, doing the same thing I’ve insulted people for. When my friend came, I gave her the phone to read the message and she screamed; “What!” I didn’t know what to do and kept sobbing and revisiting the memories of the last broken heart again.

“Love wasn’t made for me,” I told myself. There and then I knew what to do. He kept calling my phone but I didn’t pick. Some days later, I got rid of the baby so I could go on with my life.

He kept calling my phone. He kept coming around to ask for forgiveness and I kept assuring him of one thing; that someday, I will find his wife and tell her everything her husband did to me and even show her the messages.








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