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A/R: “The Covid-19 Vaccination Hesitancy, The Significant Obstacle To Achieving Herd Immunity” – Health Directorate.

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The Ashanti Regional Health Directorate of the Ghana Health Service has taken proactive measures to address the alarming surge in COVID-19 cases within the region.

The 7th National COVID Vaccination Days (NaCVaDs) have commenced with the aim of protecting individuals, families, and communities from the devastating effects of the virus.

From the 19th to the 23rd of July 2023, the dedicated vaccination teams will be visiting various locations, including households, markets, schools, places of worship, and health facilities, to administer vaccines to approximately 176,630 people.

With the region experiencing the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases in Ghana, the importance of achieving herd immunity has become increasingly critical.

During a recent briefing, Dr. Emmanuel Tenkorang, the Ashanti Regional Health Director, expressed his concerns regarding vaccination hesitancy in the region.

He emphasized that the reluctance to get vaccinated has been a significant obstacle to achieving herd immunity.

“Despite the tremendous efforts in vaccine distribution, the region has not been able to vaccinate a substantial portion of its population, he said.

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As of July 18th, 2023, Ashanti Regional Health Directorate has administered a total of 4,482,076 vaccine doses, with only 1,825,367 individuals (56%) fully vaccinated. Shockingly, 2,518,966 people (78.2%) have yet to receive even a single dose.


Dr. Tenkorang then emphasized on the importance of this vaccination as he said that it’s the most effective tool available to curb the spread of COVID-19 and protect individuals from severe illness, hospitalization, and death.

“By getting vaccinated, individuals not only safeguard themselves but also shield their families and communities from the virus.

“The Directorate recognizes the urgency of the situation and urges all residents to actively participate in the ongoing vaccination drive.

“It is a collective responsibility to prioritize public health and work towards achieving herd immunity, he added.

The NaCVaDs in the Ashanti Region have been strategically planned to ensure maximum coverage and accessibility.

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The vaccination teams will visit various locations frequented by the public, such as markets, lorry stations, schools, churches, mosques, and communities.

By bringing the vaccines to the doorstep of residents, the health authorities aim to alleviate any logistical barriers and make the process more convenient.

Additionally, the teams will collaborate closely with health facilities to ensure comprehensive coverage and address any concerns or questions individuals may have about the vaccines.

The Ashanti Region of Ghana is taking decisive action to combat the rising number of COVID-19 cases by launching the 7th National COVID Vaccination Days.

The region’s health directorate is determined to overcome the challenges posed by vaccination hesitancy and achieve herd immunity.

It is crucial for every resident of the region to understand the significance of getting vaccinated and actively participate in the ongoing vaccination drive.

By protecting ourselves, we protect our families, communities, and ultimately contribute to the nation’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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Together, let us prioritize public health and join hands in this critical endeavor to emerge stronger from the grips of the pandemic.






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