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A/R: Health Directorate Equips Health Promotion Officers To Boost COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts.

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In a significant stride towards combating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Ashanti Regional Health Directorate, with vital support and funding with UNICEF, has taken a proactive step by providing training and support to Health Promotion Officers on demand generation for COVID-19 vaccines within the routine immunization service delivery in the region.

This initiative, conducted on the 9th of October, 2023, aims to equip these officers with the essential knowledge and skills required to accelerate the achievement of COVID-19 herd immunity.

Dr. Emmanuel Tenkorang, the Ashanti Regional Health Director, emphasized the importance of maximizing vaccination coverage.

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He pointed out that routine immunization programs are already designed to reach a substantial portion of the population, encompassing infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

“By integrating COVID-19 vaccines into these existing programs, coverage can be expanded to include all eligible age groups, facilitating the more effective attainment of herd immunity throughout the region.

“This strategy is particularly vital as the nation anticipates National Immunization Days, during which mobile teams will be deployed to reach a larger portion of the population,” he said.

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Dr. Tenkorang reassured the public that COVID-19 vaccines remain readily available at every Public Health Facilities in the Ashanti Region.

He urged everyone, especially those who have received their first dose and those eligible for booster doses, to take full advantage of this opportunity to protect themselves and the community.

Despite these promising developments, Dr. Tenkorang then emphasized on the continued importance of adhering to hygiene protocols.

“COVID-19 remains a threat, and maintaining good hygiene practices, remains crucial in preventing its spread and achieving the herd immunity,” he added.

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The Ashanti Regional Health Directorate’s commitment to enhancing COVID-19 vaccination efforts is a commendable step towards a healthier and safer community.

Through well-trained Health Promotion Officers and integrated immunization services, the region is poised to make significant progress in achieving herd immunity and ultimately overcoming the pandemic.

However, the public’s active participation, including vaccine uptake and continued adherence to hygiene measures, is essential to ensure the success of these endeavors.



Nana Yaw Owusu/Ashanti Region.

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