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Ashanti Region: The Economy Is Hard, I Will Eat This Crocodile And Die – Hungry Young Man

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The ongoing economic challenges in the country have driven a group, suspected to be comprised of young men, to contemplate taking their own lives.

Their intention to commit ‘suicide’ came to light after they were discovered in possession of a crocodile. They were alerted by residents of Oduom about the presence of an unusual animal, initially believed to be an alligator, but upon inspection, it was identified as a crocodile.

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Peter Opoku, who is thought to lead the disheartened group, explained in an interview with CitiNewsroom that their plan was to remove the amphibian and consume its meat.

When questioned about their determination to eat the animal’s meat, he expressed that they hoped it might provide them with a way out of this world, as life in Ghana had become an unbearable ordeal.

“The main reason we went for the animal was because we have a strong liking for sweet and tasty things. We are coming to chew it. When we went there, everyone was afraid but we are brave so we took it.”

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“We have made up our minds that we want to die because things are difficult in the country. The truth is just one, things are unbearable because why would a young man like me want to eat the meat of a crocodile? If you commit suicide, God will deal with you but if you eat the meat of a crocodile and pass away it is nothing. So we will still eat this animal.”

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When asked why he would not consider taking the animal to the zoo, he said; “We will not take this animal to the zoo because I have established a zoo company in my stomach.”


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