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Sunyani Hosts Critical Meeting To Resolve Mining Community Issues and Promote Local Contractor Involvement.

The Ghana Association of Local Mining Contractors recently held a significant stakeholder engagement meeting in Sunyani, the capital of the Bono Region.

This pivotal event aimed to address pressing issues impacting mining communities, involving community members such as Assembly Members, Youth Leaders, opinion leaders, and local contractors.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the Association, Mr. Alex Boampong, highlighted the necessity of the gathering.

He emphasized, “It was very necessary because there were a lot of issues going on in the various communities between Newmont Mining and the members in the community which needed to be addressed.”

Mr. Boampong pointed out that misunderstandings between Newmont Mining Company and local communities have led to numerous challenges, including demonstrations and the relocation of workers from these communities to Sunyani.

Addressing the Newmont-community challenges was a primary focus of the meeting, but Mr. Boampong also stressed the broader capabilities of local contractors.

He stated, “Local contractors are also capable of doing government contracts which is evident in the yet-to-be-commissioned Sunyani-Kumasi road diversion.

“So, the government should also award them contracts which will help the country grow because the monies will stay within the country.”

This plea underscores the potential economic benefits of awarding contracts to local contractors, fostering national growth and ensuring financial resources remain within Ghana.


The Secretary of the Association, Mr. Samuel Aboagye, echoed the Chairman’s sentiments regarding the issues between Newmont and local communities.

He remarked, “I can’t say emphatically that everything is good between various communities and Newmont.

“Our meeting is one of the reasons so we do everything within our power as an association to address it.”

Mr. Aboagye’s statement highlights the ongoing efforts by the association to mediate and resolve conflicts to ensure harmonious coexistence between mining companies and local communities.

Over the years, misunderstandings between Newmont Mining Company and the communities in the Bono Region have led to several protests, disrupting local life and forcing workers to relocate.

This stakeholder engagement meeting marks a proactive step towards resolving these issues, promoting dialogue, and seeking solutions that benefit all parties involved.

The Ghana Association of Local Mine Contractors is dedicated to addressing the concerns of local communities and enhancing the role of local contractors in national development.

By fostering such engagements, the association aims to bridge gaps, resolve conflicts, and advocate for the inclusion of local contractors in government projects, thereby contributing to the nation’s economic growth and stability.


Nana Yaw Owusu

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