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Ghanaians React To Reports Of Nana Ama Mcbrown Joining TV3

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Fans and admirers of Felicity Ama Agyemang, also known as Nana Ama McBrown, have reacted to trending reports of the screen goddess joining TV3 after allegedly exiting UTV.

Whiles some are applauding her for her growth – Others are also severely bashing her for being somehow ungrateful and one of these people is Aba_The_Great.

According to cantankerous Ghanaian IG blogger named Aba_The_Great, Nana Ama Mcbrown is being ungrateful for ditching UTV for TV3.

According to this blogger who broke the news about the actress’ exit from UTV and joining TV3, it was Despite Media who groomed Mcbrown to become an exceptional TV show host and as such, she should have remained loyal to them.

She explained that Mcbrown was treated well, paid well and accepted as a family during her work with UTV but she has left all the same which makes her an unappreciative person.

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In a lengthy post, she expressed her disappointment in the awarded winning star actress without mincing words.

She wrote;

Nana Ama Mcbrown has left UTV for TV3.. Mzgee aka lady Talata takes over United showbiz as host.. When I first heard the rumor Nana Ama had left, I didn’t want to believe, cus I know UTv was like family, well paid, she was soo comfortable with the owners. Goes to their events, their homes with her husband etc.. I started monitoring her page, I noticed she stopped reposting UTv flyers and anything related to the show n I just knew the rumor was true..

Actress who was later groomed by Utv to become a good host. Well taking care of, This big platform landed her the most ambassadorial deals. In fact Despite group has done you good.
It’s okay to transit and transit large but tv3 was your choice? Ah well.. we wish you all the best.

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Welcome Mzgee, lady Talata, you also resigned from Tv3 to Utv, in fact you’ve transit large . Make the most out of it.
Don’t forget, Loyalty is key






Netizens who strongly believed Mcbrown was already a household name before joining UTV have also shared their opinions and below are some of the popular ones gathered under the trending post…

alexis_sackey – She resigned and airing her own show on Tv3, we call it growth

barak_child_kathy – But she had most of her ambassadorial deals before starting the show.

kokomatique – Aba that’s not the way you post stories ….this was disrespectful and tv3 might take offense to this!! Everyone has a choice, leave her to make hers

rytatamakloe – Nana was nana Ama before utv,and you say utv groomed nana Ama as host?where has nana being placed and not delivered?you people talk oo eeiii..So nana Ama was not getting endorsement deals till she became a host in utv?how old is hisense?mo kasa too much

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ms__debbie_ – Aba dis one die3 u can’t work at one place forever by a year time lady talata too will move on anaa she won’t be there forever anaa u dnt know her she was at 3 music ryt so let see how it goes maybe Tv3 is Nana’s choice we can’t convince her nd she made her own decision already

pweedynana – Please Nana is a big person with or without UTV. She rather made people watch their program. The insult and bashing was too much. Everyday people say she is not professional host, and she decided to be professional with her choice of station too… wats your problem. Go and come Again.

nanyluv – No wonder most people are stagnant….madam I know it all aka Aba, Nana chose to do it her own way and I call that growth deal with it


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